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Services at Shearith Israel

We currently offer indoor and outdoor services that can vary depending on the day and circumstance. It is important that you pay close attention to where specific services are being offered and understand that changes or cancellations may take place on short notice.

We continue to proceed in a cautious manner that is in compliance with State rules and the recommendations of our “COVID-19 Synagogue Re-entry Working Group” taking into account our own unique considerations (structural and cultural). Your safety, as well as the safety of our community and staff, is our primary concern. At this time, outdoor services take place on the Central Park West Portico (which has been reinforced with increased security and ventilation), or on the roof at Manhattan Day School (at 310 West 75th Street). Indoor services take place in the Main Sanctuary (which has been reinforced with increased ventilation and air purification).

We recognize that while working diligently to provide a safe environment, we can only ensure a safer environment, not a 100% safe one. No congregant is required to attend. Any congregant who wishes to participate will a) be asked to self-identify as meeting the criteria, b) may be subject to screening upon arrival, c) acknowledges and accepts the risks of attending the minyan; and d) will be waiving any possible claim of any kind against the Synagogue or any of its agents.

Those who are in the at-risk categories as described by the CDC and DOH, especially
, our older worshippers (above age 65), are asked to consult with their physician before completing this form or seeking to attend or attending. If you have been feeling unwell or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please do not attend.

NYC and the Metro area have seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases. Thus, we have updated this health screening form.  In addition to the questions about having symptoms or being exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please note the new questions regarding: living in, working in, traveling to, or spending significant amounts of time with anyone who is in the current hotspots within NY (click to see the areas in NY and NJ), as well as about having someone in your household under quarantine. We are appealing to you to NOT attend services if you believe that you may be at increased risk of spreading COVID-19.

Our goal is to provide as safe an environment as possible for our community and trust that you will take all the necessary precautions for yourselves and our community. An absolute condition of attending our services is for all participants to affirm that they are symptom-free and that they will abide by all the rules and regulations. By attending our services or participating in our activities, you and your family are affirming all the procedures, requirements, and undertakings included on our registration forms. 

We have a limited number of spots available. Submitting this form does not guarantee you a place at any particular minyan. Your submission will be evaluated and you will be notified by email if you have been selected to attend. Only those who have been approved in advance will be permitted to attend. We reserve the right to ask anyone not to enter, or to leave the service, for any reason, including if we believe that there is a chance they are ill or that your presence may pose a risk to yourself or others. If after you are approved, you begin to feel unwell or are not able to attend, please let us know right away so we can invite someone else and ensure there is a minyan. We also ask that if you do attend CSI's service, in order to limit exposure and for the purpose of simplifying contact tracing, you avoid attending other synagogues' services.

Adult members of the same family are required to sign up individually. Please submit one form per person.

By completing this form, you agree to share your personal information and waive any claim or liability of any kind.

If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please contact

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please expect to be screened when entering services.
You can see a listing of some recent hotspots in NY here, or NJ here.
You can place your name for whichever weekday services you wish to attend. You will also be able to see the location, time, and number of attendees at each service.

Healthy children below Bar/Bat Mitzvah age are now permitted to be signed up to attend services in the Main Sanctuary or at MDS, provided that they are able to sit with a parent for the duration of the service and remain properly masked and socially distanced. No childcare will be provided and children will not be permitted to wander.
Tue, December 1 2020 15 Kislev 5781